Monday, October 4, 2010

Three Part Secret Dining Series- Comfort Foods

***********A FEW SPOTS STILL OPEN FOR EACH NIGHT IN OCTOBER.  PLEASE EMAIL for a booking. *************

In honor of the recent change in weather, I've been revisiting recipes that stick to the ribs, heat up the kitchen and make the whole flat smell of stewed foods, roasted meats and baked pastries.  Not a bad way to usher the rain in, I suppose.

When first I sat down to write out menus for October's Secret Dinner I had the idea of stews of the world.  But as I mulled over oden and rice cake stews, the menu started to divide and multiply, like mitosis.  Before I knew it, 5 courses and an amuse became 14 courses, several wine and drink ideas and covered the globe in a path a resident of The World would be proud of.  So I decided to simplify, or complicate depending on how you read it, and make the comfort food meal into three meals, each of a different region.

This month will be Latin America.  These are foods that I miss from my nearly 40 years in The States, foods I haven't seen as often here in London as I did in Los Angeles.  I'm sure the reasons are obvious to everyone, but I miss these foods very much never the less.

November we'll cover Japan, Korea and possibly Vietnam. December will bring us more local with European comfort foods.

I've attached the menu below.
Same drill: first email, first served.  Tell me your preference of which night, and also let me know if you can take a seat on the other night if I'm already full.  The cash contribution is £40 per person again, bring your own wine/drink.  I'll send pairing recommendations in the confirmation email.

Hope to fill up both nights and have as lively a time as ever!  Also, if you would like to forward this email along to anyone you think is game, please do so, just have them let me know who sent them so I can thank you.
Annick @ Runaway Kitchen

5 Course Latin Comfort Foods Secret Dinner, October 21st and 22nd, 7:30 pm

Amuse Bouche:

Caipirinha and Coconut Jelly


Tostones with Black Bean and Aji Salsa


Bohlinho de Bacalao with Molho Campanha- Fried codfish balls with mild pepper sauce

Chile Rellenos-  roasted Peppers stuffed with Shredded Pork, Sweet Potato and Apricot with Salsa Nogada and Pomegranate Seeds

Brazilian Gringo Moqueca com Pirão- Stew of Prawn, Squid, Scallop, Clams and Whitefish

Argentine Humitas- (think triangular tamales) Husks stuffed Masa Harina, Sweetcorn and Cheese served with Tomatillo Sauce

Goat Milk Flan with Cajeta

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