Thursday, March 19, 2009

Battenberg Cake, Sausage Rolls and Ploughman's Pickle

There have been many walks around London, some resulting in great little bites, some starving and settling on just a quick bite of my new found love, Sausage Rolls. They come in many forms, freshly made at small boutique style food shops like A. Gold near Spitalfields Market, maybe pre-packed and warmed at a kebab shop or just after a quick pop into Marks and Spencer... No matter what form, I love them!
While on a walk with a good friend covering the Southbank of the Thames we found ourselves at the Borough Market. Unfortunately it was a day that the market was not open, so instead of seeing how the market functions, loading up on fruits and veggies and gorgeous charcuterie, we saw the inner workings. The smell was lovely by the way, so I am looking forward to another visit with great anticipation.
Another place that we found, which I have coveted for so very very long was Neal's Yard Dairy. Of course, it was Sunday, so the only day of the week they are closed! Also on the walk was Gabriel's Wharf, a giant open air courtyard poised in between print shops, food shops and some small galleries. We had a mediocre crepe that was in no way french (filled with gooey cheese, bacon, egg and frankfurter!) but kind of hit the spot! The really great part about Gabriel's Wharf is the common area in between all of these shops- there are enormous carved benches and tables and strange scultpures that kids crawl all over. Some rock. Fun.

Our friends Dave and Wayne joined us recently for a simple homemade dinner and brought this gorgeous red wine. I have to start studying up on my European wines... the studying is so fun, I don't mind the task at all!.

There was another food discovery on yet another walk through Chalk Farm/Primrose Hill/Camden along the canal that takes you through these areas and to the zoo... Battenberg Cake! This one was from Melrose and Morgan, a place which is fast becoming very dear to me. Eating a Battenberg Cake is a treat but also a little slice of history, knowing that Ernest Shackleton loaded up his Antarctic expedition ship with a great stock of them. It makes you feel well fortified for walking around the mucky streets of London, which they were on this rainy day. Also on the walk was a great looking place Sean and I will have to visit called Belgo Noord, a gastropub which seems to specialize in Belgian Ale, Moules Frites, etc etc. We'll have to go soon, since the just the mention of it makes me crave what they have to offer.

Now there are two more places I would like to try. One will probably happen sooner: Everyman Theatre in Hampstead. It seems like an upscale version of The Parkway in Lake Merritt back in Oakland, California.
Last but not least, there is the crazy Chinese Restaurant, Feng Shang Princess, which I saw with our friend Wayne on the canal that leads into The London Zoo. It's a funny little floating pagoda. We'll see if it's ptomaine on water or something special.