Monday, February 8, 2010

Tracing Paper

There are times when I want to copy Nick Hornby's Believer column theme and have a section here called "Blogs I'm Reading/Should be Reading". This would be on the top of the list this week- Tracing Paper.

Since we moved to the UK, I have been a bit more complacent about my food sourcing than I was in the states. Just the removal of high fructose corn syrup from ingredient lists made me shift my feelings about label reading. However, Nick Saltmarsh's discoveries and insights have made me question more about whether I have landed in free-range, humane harvest Nirvana.

Just read about the chapter titled Food Tracer and see about the food distribution centres. They are very much like Walmart or Costco really. And the amount of waste and plastic generated by these places is astounding. I have never been very good at shouting my food politics, but I am more than happy to pass along Mr. Saltmarsh's discoveries.

Best to stay a locavore, support small farms, eat small.