Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I've been very excited about a couple of different ventures for Runaway Kitchen- but the most exciting is that we'll be having a monthly underground restaurant at our flat and other venues.  Thanks to good friends and good vendors, we had a very successful run in San Francisco and when I wax sentimental about my good old days spanning two decades as a chef, these are the stand out memories. (That and hanging out with Joe Strummer back in my private chef days in Los Angeles).

Our first underground restaurant will be June 24th at 7 pm and we're hoping for a full and lively table.  There are 12 seats (some already reserved, so email for a spot!) at our communal table, elbow to elbow, so it's a first email, first served thing.  We'll be serving a 5 course meal and asking for contributions of £40 per person.  It will be bring your own beverage, see attached the menu for pairings.

Future events will be 5 course Hot and Spicy!, 4 course Tea Pairing Luncheon, Dinner and a Movie Night and the list goes on...

The first event will be a 5 course Salt Tasting:

A long row of various salts will be placed down the center of the table.
Amuse Bouche:


         little toasts of "bread" made with chickpea flour and olive oil.  great salted!

Butternut squash soup

         Drizzled with Nettle Sauce and Truffle Oil

 Dorade with a Kosher Salt and fresh Rosemary crust

         Served with a little salad of greens tossed in oil, ready to be sprinkled with salt at the table.

 Gardener's Delight Tomatoes

         Topped with melons, avocados and quail eggs.  A perfect way to sample the row of salts.

 Salt roasted chicken

     A marvelous chinese process.  Rock Salt is heated in a wok and the chicken is buried in it,  searing the skin and trapping all of the bird's juices inside.  The chicken ends up tasting like duck.  Served with hoisin sauce and chinese greens.



Caramels with fleur de sel

         French candy's delicious answer to the super sweet aftertaste of caramel.  Salt!

Pears Roasted in Salt

         served with Balsamic vinegar reduction.  Tastes like chocolate.

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