Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dining out and way out

When we first relocated here in London, I was equipped with a long list of places I wanted to visit, well a list of food places and then other lists for other interests.  But since we've settled in and become "locals" the list continues to grow.  I've managed to make it out to many, but there's still the nagging list.

Back in January I discovered Le CafĂ© Anglais.  Wow!  That was a great meal, I can't wait to return.  The meal started with cocktails in the bar while we waited for our table (we arrived early, they were punctual).  I had my first and definitely far from my last sip of the White Lady.  Promptly ordering a second.  Highlights of the meal were the Pike Boudin, made in-house with fines herbes and served with the most delicate bearnaise I've had in years; the fois gras terrine with PX jelly; a gorgeous cheese course for dessert paired with a lovely Stichelton.

With posh art deco interiors, generous booth seating and an impressive view into the kitchen (a chef's dream complete with gorgeous cast iron rotisseries and well sized stations for everyone from garde manger to plongeur) it was a great place for a beautiful meal with friends or as a date.  Although I feel the dining with friends experience would facilitate more dishes on the table to try and perhaps some help with that generous portion of fois gras.  Wow. That was a great meal. Can't wait to return...

But before I do that, I should try out some more places on the list:
River Cafe- Embarrassingly, I have had to cancel two reservations due to other commitments... I'll get there yet. 
Albion Caff
- We've peered in from the bakery, too full from a generous meal at Shoreditch House.  Admired the interiors (thank you Mister Conran!) and plan to come out on a casual breezy weekend morn.
Le Bel Canto- I admit, opera during a meal might get a bit annoying, but I'm constantly searching for that dinner show I've seen countless times in Thin Man films.
Franklin's Restaurant
And one day when I am old and gray and have loads of cash falling out of my pockets:
Travel for the Arts

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