Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Notes from Mom

As it turns out, granola isn't on my mom's menu anymore, but its wonderful European cousin Muesli is.
Here's some notes Mom and I have been exchanging over this other breakfast yummy:
Also, a post script on the granola 'situation.' I no longer make this as I don't have the time nor can I afford the calories. I now opt for muesli. I buy the big box of Quaker Oats at Costco and each batch uses one bag. To that I add a couple of cups of raw almonds, a cup or two of raw hazelnuts, a TJ's bag of orange cranberries, a like amount of Montmorecie (sp?) cherries and a cup or so of TJ's dried currants. When Daddy serves it up, he adds TJ's Mediterranean yogurt, non-fat milk and sugar to taste. This is not a crunchy cereal but it does cut the time, fat and sugar out of the granola...and it's really good for you!

I also sometimes add TJ's dried bananas (potassium) or candied ginger (good for digestion) bits for a little change up. The dried fruit is strictly to taste. I like the fruits I have chosen for health reasons. I used to use dried blueberries (antioxidant) but the flavor wasn't to my taste (I prefer fresh or frozen blueberries). The cherries are good for arthritis and the cranberries help the urinary tract and with the citrus is full of vitamin c... I know that you know all of this already.

As you can see I come by my attention to detail naturally.
Thanks Mom!!

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