Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Grand Yogurt Experiment!

Well, I've tried out the pilot light method for incubating my yogurt now and while I'm not terribly discouraged, I'm rather disappointed with the results.
I made a double batch so that I could compare notes with the batch made in my trusty, though cumbersome Yogurella (I cannot claim naming rights to this guy).
The results:
  • Firmness- very loosey goosey, more the consistency of undercooked custard than the firm yogurt I like
  • Mouthfeel- smooth enough, but without the firmness, not so great
  • Acidity- a little stronger than mild, definitely sat in the oven for too long
  • Look- not so pleasant once a spoonful was taken out, became shaggy and broke apart once 1/2 was removed
  • Flavor- still excellent flavor, but hard to overcome the lack of firmness
  • Separation- extreme, the whey was definitely separating out before even the first spoonful was removed
  • Firmness- good, held it's shape even after the first spoonful was removed
  • Mouthfeel- smooth
  • Acidity- mild, in fact, milder than the oven batch
  • Look- very nice, light color, inviting
  • Flavor- excellent flavor, the greek yogurt starter makes every batch taste so rich
  • Separation- only the slightest bit of visible whey
As I said, I am not deterred by my less than excellent results. I think that the oven method is great. I'll try my other oven or maybe leave the door ajar. And I'll definitely go less than 8 hours the next time.
I will get this right! Much as I love the name Yogurella, I'd rather go Luddite on this one and just use the most basic kitchen equipment. I am a purist after all!

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