Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Comfort Dining- Japan and Korea

Well, another beautifully dreary month and another comforting menu that, with any luck, would make you excited the sun goes down at 4 pm leaving you hours and hours to sup on dinner before bedtime.

In keeping with the theme I set out to turn into a triptych, this month will be homey stews and things your auntie would make to stick to your ribs.  Well, your Korean auntie.

Here's the menu and there are still some seats left on both days- November 18 and 19. The fun begins at 7:30 at our flat in Hampstead. £40 donation and bring your own bevvie.

Amuse Bouche:
Chawan Mushi- a small teacup filled with savory Custard, Salmon, Shiitake Mushroom and Shiso Leaf

Oden - Street food in Japan, this soup is served in winter to heat the body.  Little purses of vegetables share the bowl with daikon, fish, mushrooms and other savories.

Bibimbap – A Korean dish serves an array of fresh salad vegetables on top of shredded barbecued pork and beef, julienned egg omelet, sesame oil and rice. 
Drunken Belly Pork – A recipe from my dear friend Nori, who is of Taiwanese descent but raised in Okinawa.  Pork Belly is slowly cooked with shredded bamboo shoot, rock sugar and beer.  Plate lickingly good.
Soondubu Jigae – This lovely Korean stew gets its heat from the red gochujang chili paste but also from being served in a special stone dish that keeps the dish boiling as you eat.  Soft tofu is added at the end and an egg served at the table. 

Black Sesame Macarons, Fresh Mochi and Green Tea Ice Cream

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