Monday, March 22, 2010

A new sandwich, thanks to a wonderful Preserves Workshop

A couple of weekends back I had the great pleasure of attending a Preserves Workshop here in North London. It was given by Anna Colquhoun, who has a terrific website- Culinary Anthropologist. These cookery classes were brought to my attention by Riverford Farms (for whom I have broken up with Abel and Cole in search of better, more truly local produce) and they are a great way to meet other like-minded people who want to get in the kitchen and get cooking.

While we were having what Anna called a light repast (it was anything but, a feast of pairings for the wealth of superb offerings all brought out from her very impressive larder!) a particular conserve caught my attention- Butternut Squash and Quince.

We had dinner guests coming over a few nights later and with these flavors still on the tip if my tongue I dove in and made a nice tagine out of the basic combination of Butternut Squash and Quince. Add in a little Harissa for spice, simmer simmer simmer and voila! Way more tagine than can be consumed by 5 adults and one hungry child in one night. So I had to get cracking on the leftovers.

Which brings me to the sandwich at hand- I cut some lovely, airy and chewy rolls in half, toast, drizzle with winter harvest olive oil, add a handful of Gigantes which have been nicely cooked in a tomato sauce, a large dollop of tagine, a slab of freshly fried eggplant. Try to eat it slowly... you can't! The flavors just burst in your mouth and when they're done, you want more! I have also tried them in small wholemeal pitas. Delicious. Also good without the beans should you not have any lying about.

But trust me, these sandwiches, sarnies, stotties, panini (without the press!) and delicious.

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