Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas cookies- a recipe ready for a transatlantic move

I have to admit it, I love my copper cookie cutters.  They're heavy enough to cut through clay, shiny and perfectly formed.  But they are seasonally themed- a reindeer and a snowflake.  So I get very little opportunity to pull then out and put them to use and when they come out, I have to show off the pretty pretty cookies they make.

My favorite cookie to make this these are ginger molasses spice, but molasses is a bit tricky to find in London, black treacle's not quite the same... but the cookies turned out tasty although the tiny changes in the dough made the cookies not as sharp as my US versions.  I have a year to find a better short recipe, hopefully I'll remember my challenge to myself and find the perfect chemistry.  And what a fun task to sift through the recipes that might bring me to the perfect reindeer cookie in 2010.

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