Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ginger & White, a delightful addition to Hampstead's Village

While out on errands today the family and I made a discovery that may be so good it's bad.
Walking down Perrins Court in search of non-food items we saw a new beautiful brown awning poking it's head out, sheltering a few trim tables and their occupants. The rain threatened to drizzle down, but no one seemed deterred. We quickly walked over to see what new cafe had sprung up overnight in our tiny berg.
Already from the outside you could see the people behind Ginger & White have excellent taste as evidenced by their teapots and china- hybrids of Heath heft and Victorian flare. Peeking inside there was a lovely cozy room at the entrance where coffee and tea were being prepared, sweet toothsome snacks were out out on display and things were bustling. To the right and nestled in was another room with beautiful modest furnishing that had obviously been painstakingly chosen to represent comfort, design and cafe style. All that and still the room felt uniquely cozy.
So even as we had satisfied bellies from our full English only a few hours prior, we thought it best to sample a little of what G&W had to offer. We had some lovely carrot cake made by a local and fresh brownies, the babe had a flapjack that I later noticed came wrapped in cellophane but was fresh and delicious as if it had been made on site. My husband had a flat white to drink and I had a perfectly prepared Silver Needle White tea. The coffee was apparently good enough to win allegiance as the new morning commute coffee even at a slightly higher price than the current choice of Gail's. High praise.
The sweets were just as I like them- full of flavor and then sugary only at the end. I was happily surprised by a very slight saltiness of the carrot cake, which stood out nicely against the flowery undertones of my white tea.
We had a lovely chat with Emma, one of the co-owners, who in spite of the crazy schedule she must have of late (opening the new cafe with her husband and a 3rd business partner AND being mommy to a 9 month old!) was charming, poised and friendly. She and her business partners have some great ideas of what Hampstead needs in a cafe- along with normal weekday hours, they are currently offering brunch from 8:30 into noon on weekends; of course they make a mean cuppa and they also seem to know how to make some great nibbles and how to source the rest. I hope that people discover their cafe and love it as we did, and from the looks of it, they already have. But as I said at the start, it may be a bad thing we found them so soon (they only opened 6 days ago!), just on the heels of a new ice cream shop opening on Flask Walk- my waistline may have regrets!


Greg said...

Good write up. Spot on. We came across Ginger & White on the Saturday after opening and enjoyed some amazing capuccinos and flat whites there along with yummy honey mustard sandwiches with salted beef. Excellent. Sadly, I am not a local, but I can recommend it to all those who are. If only Richmond had coffee as good as this! I hope its a great success and judging by the trade when we were there, is certainly will be. Well done Ginger & White!

Anonymous said...

Finally a place to get good coffee in Hampstead! We went there for lunch on Sunday and also were completely charmed by the owners. Ordered kiddies fish fingers sandwich for my 2yr old, which she speedily polished off before attacking my slow-cooked pork sandwich. Luckily the deliciously succulent filling was generous enough for the both of us. Feeling slightly cheated for having to "share" my sandwich, I greedily ordered the chocolate brownie which was super-gooey and rich. A great espresso and a surprisingly low bill were the perfect ending to our little meal. Needless to say, we've already been back...